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Understanding the Montessori Method and Montessori Theory

In order to use our printable Montessori materials effectively, it's important to have an understanding of the Montessori method and Montessori theory. We encourage you to browse through our website by using the "Theory" and "How To..." buttons in the top navigation bar. And don't forget that your local library will probably have a good selection of books on Montessori Theory and the Montessori method of teaching. We have some book suggestions here.

We've put together a FREE eBook on some basics of the Montessori Theory. It's all the information you'll find on our website - but it's been put all together into a book. It's a great place to start. Download your free copy: Primary Montessori Education: Understanding the Theory

For an in-depth look at the theory for each area of the primary Montessori classroom you can purchase our Primary Montessori Teaching Manuals.

It can seem overwhelming at first as you read through Montessori Theory. There is a lot of it! Be sure to give yourself time to digest it. And while you're reading about the Montessori theory, consider how you can apply it to the students in your care. Ask yourself how you can implement the theory and method into your current teaching methods.

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