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Must I Teach Everything in Montessori?

It's wonderful to see how many families are now implementing Montessori into their home lives. Of course, we recommend that everyone who is not Montessori trained and needs some guidance take some time to read some of the books on our Book List.

Feeling overwhelmed
When you first start out using Montessori in the home it can feel very overwhelming. There is this idea that an entire 'classroom' must be prepared and ready in order for Montessori to be used. The truth is, that while the materials themselves play an important role in the learning process, the real key to Montessori in the home is the philosophy. So please don't let yourself become overwhelmed with the need to stock your house with an entire classroom worth of materials.  Take some time to read about Montessori so that you begin to understand the basics.

Do I have to teach them everything in Montessori?

The beauty of Montessori is that you don't have to teach them everything! A child who is raised in an environment where the Montessori philosophy is implemented, will quickly learn that they can explore on their own (whether it be sensorial exploration, math, language, etc.) and they will in fact teach themselves. Our job (as a Montessori guide/parent) is to expose them to ideas and concepts, offer them the basics, and then make sure the materials and/or opportunities are available to them for further exploration, should they desire.

Some Montessori is better than none

Montessori doesn't have to be an "all or nothing" educational method. Many families have implemented various parts of Montessori into their home lives with great success. As parents learn more about Montessori many realize they already use aspects of the Montessori philosophy and didn't even know it! Look at your family as a whole, then each individual child. Decide how it's best to use Montessori in your home. Perhaps you'll follow the philosophy without purchasing the traditional Montessori materials. Or maybe you decide to trade some of their traditional 'toys' for some Montessori-inspired toys. Maybe you'll supplement their traditional public school education with some printable Montessori materials. Be sure to download all our FREE Montessori Materials and see if they interest your child.

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