Montessori Pink Blue Green Language Series

Learn how to store the Montessori Pink Blue Green Language Series. Storing our Montessori Pink Blue Green Language Series (or Step 1 2 3 Language Series) and the Montessori Grammar materials isn't as overwhelming as it might seem. The easiest, most organized, and accessible way looks like this:  

These hardware towers are available at most hardware stores, Wal-Mart, etc. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes - be sure the individual drawers are wide enough for all the small cards (we designed all of the card sets to fit into the standard size drawers - but please check before purchasing).

Tower 1 - Pink, Blue and some Green Language Cards

Tower 2 - Green Language Cards

Tower 3 - Grammar Language Cards

For the sheets and labels, sentence cards, sound choice cards, etc (materials that are too big for the towers) - you can use a variety of color-coded baskets and trays. Dollar stores are famous for having a huge assortment of colored trays, baskets, boxes, etc.

Download a FREE set of drawer labels  for the Pink Blue Green Towers  or the  Step 1, 2, 3 Towers.

layout of the primary Montessori language shelves - Montessori Print Shop
Printable Montessori Materials for Canada
Printable Montessori Materials for USA

Very little shelf space is needed!

Montessori language materials - Montessori Print Shop
Storage of the Montessori Pink Blue Green Language Series - Montessori Print Shop

What a fantastic way to keep a huge assortment of language materials together in one place and so easily accessible to the children. The drawers are easily removed from the tower and taken to a work space - and then easily slid back into the tower when the work is complete. They take such little room for such an in depth material.