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Very little shelf space is needed!

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What a fantastic way to keep a huge assortment of language materials together in one place and so easily accessible to the children. The drawers are easily removed from the tower and taken to a work space - and then easily slid back into the tower when the work is complete. They take such little room for such an in depth material.

Storage of the Montessori Pink Blue Green Language Series - Montessori Print Shop

Montessori Pink Blue Green Language Series

Learn how to store the Montessori Pink Blue Green Language Series. Storing our Montessori Pink Blue Green Language Series (or Step 1 2 3 Language Series) and the Montessori Grammar materials isn't as overwhelming as it might seem. The easiest, most organized, and accessible way looks like this:  

These hardware towers are available at most hardware stores, Wal-Mart, etc. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes - be sure the individual drawers are wide enough for all the small cards (we designed all of the card sets to fit into the standard size drawers - but please check before purchasing).

Tower 1 - Pink, Blue and some Green Language Cards

Tower 2 - Green Language Cards

Tower 3 - Grammar Language Cards

For the sheets and labels, sentence cards, sound choice cards, etc (materials that are too big for the towers) - you can use a variety of color-coded baskets and trays. Dollar stores are famous for having a huge assortment of colored trays, baskets, boxes, etc.

Download a FREE set of drawer labels  for the Pink Blue Green Towers  or the  Step 1, 2, 3 Towers.

layout of the primary Montessori language shelves - Montessori Print Shop