Making Storage Pouches for Montessori Nomenclature

We have created a huge selection of Nomenclature for Botany, Zoology and Other (Health, Science, Culture). Nomenclature cards and booklets identify and name the various parts of the object or animal you are learning about. Each part is isolated in color which draws your attention to that particular part and not to superfluous details. We wrote about the 'What, Why, and How' of Montessori Nomenclature here. Making storage pouches for Montessori Nomenclature isn't hard.

We designed our Nomenclature in a 3-Part Card and Book Series. The 3-Part Cards consist of: 1 set of cards with labels, 1 set of cards without labels, 1 set of labels, 1 black-line master. The Booklet (not cut or prepared in this image) includes: 1 set of labeled picture cards, 1 set of definition cards.

While most children love to learn the names of the 'parts' of the Nomenclature, the teachers usually struggle to find ways to store the many sets they have. There can be 20 or more different sets of Nomenclature out on the shelves, depending on the current interests of all the children in the classroom. That's a lot of cards, labels, and booklets.

When you purchase your Nomenclature from Montessori Print Shop you have the peace of mind that they are all the same size, and all the same great quality. Having all your Nomenclature the same size makes it much easier to store the materials on the shelves. This means the children have greater accessibility and as a result, they will use the materials more frequently.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to have the cards, labels, and booklet stored in a small sleek pouch like this?

Open it up and discover all the goodies inside!

The best part is that pouch is laminated and will last a very long time. What an easy way to protect and store your Nomenclature!

Learn how to make these Nomenclature pouches using a few items you probably already have on hand.  We've added lots of visuals to make it easy to understand. *Any measurements we give are approximates and are sized to fit Montessori Print Shop Nomenclature. You may want to alter or adjust the style or size of the pouches according to your materials and personal preferences. We're a just trying to guide you through the process - we're not giving exact measurements.

You'll require the following materials:

  • letter size file folders (any color you choose)
  • letter size laminating pouches (3mil or less)
  • paper cutter or scissors (we highly recommend a paper cutter for straight cuts)
  • pencil, ruler, glue stick
  • velcro with sticky backing

1. Place file folder in front of you.

2. Trim off the label edge.

3. Trim off the top of the file to make it approx. 8½ - 9 inches from top to bottom.


4. Open file and make 3 small marks approximately 2¼" down from the top edge (use a pencil, we made large red dots just to illustrate where they belong).

5. Fold the bottom edge of the file up to the 3 small marks you just made.

6. Mark 2 small marks at approximately 5½" intervals from both the left and right side.
(use a pencil, we made large red dots just to illustrate where they belong)

7. Fold the right edge of the file over to the marks on the left.

8. Fold the left edge of the file over to the marks on the right.

9. Unfold and you now have the shape of the pouch!

10. Glue the label on the front of your pouch using a glue stick (do not use white craft glue as it will wrinkle the paper when it goes through the laminator)

11. Place laminate pouch on left half of pouch (until the center point).

Some laminators require the laminate pouch to be covered by a 'carrier' (paper cover similar to a file folder) before being run through the laminator. Read your own instruction manual for details.

12. Run it through the laminator.

13. Cover the right side with laminate - be sure to overlap at the center seam by about ½ an inch.

14. Run it through the laminator again. Cover with 2 paper carriers (if your machine requires a carrier). Be sure to overlap the first carrier over the second carrier so that it feeds into the machine without pushing the 2nd carrier off).

15. Now that the pouch is laminated, it looks like this.

16. Trim the excess laminate off. Be sure to leave at least ¼ inch around all of the edges, or the laminate might open and expose the paper pouch. Carefully refold along the crease lines.

17. Slice the pouches open using a sharp Exacto knife. We have marked the photo with a red line along the edge you will slice open in order to create the pouch for the materials to slide in. Do not cut in to the paper underneath the laminate or you will slice through your pouch.
You want to leave at least ½ an inch of laminate on either sides of the folds so that you can have 3 pouch sections and not 1 long one all the way across the pouch.

18. Slide the cards, labels, and book inside.

19. Add sticky velcro tabs, close the flaps and give a firm squish together.

Learn how to Store Nomenclature Black-line Masters.

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storage pouches for Montessori nomenclature books and cards
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