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Storage of Montessori Nomenclature Blackline Masters

So, you've taken the plunge and spent weeks preparing new nomenclature cards and books for your children to use. You read all the tutorials we wrote on Preparing 3-Part Cards, Binding Books, and Using Nomenclature.  Now you need to know that the storage of Montessori Nomenclature Black-line Masters is a snap.

The children are thrilled at the selection of nomenclature available in the classroom, and they've dug right in. They've been learning all the names of the parts of the flower, bird, insect, tree, and so many more. They're begging to make their own nomenclature booklet.  You're practically as excited as they are and step over to your supply cupboard to find the blackline masters for them. But wait ... where did you put the blackline masters? Or maybe you found them, but you don't have enough copies.

It doesn't seem to matter how well prepared you think you are, inevitably one of the children will select a nomenclature lesson that requires a blackline master that you can't seem to find as quickly as you need it, or you don't have enough copies. Don't feel badly - we've all been there!

So we'd like to share a few storage solutions for your Nomenclature blackline masters.

Our blackline masters come with every set of Nomenclature Cards. They print 4 per sheet of regular 8½ x 11" paper. Once they're cut apart they are a nice manageable size.

Store cut nomenclature in photo album pockets

If you have a small group of children, you can store sets of cut nomenclature blackline masters in photo album pockets. It's best to find the pockets that all open on the top, so that the papers don't fall out. Gather all your filled photo pages and insert them in a binder that you can store on a shelf.

Store cut Nomenclature blackline masters in an indexed storage basket

A solution that allows the children easy access, is to have the blackline masters printed, cut, and clipped together in an indexed storage basket. You can use white dividers with a small picture for each set of nomenclature.

Or color-coded dividers for zoology, botany, and other (health, science, etc).

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how to store montessori nomenclature blackline masters - Montessori Print Shop

Store in a hanging file folder system

If you prefer to keep the black-line masters in the full page format (so that the children can cut their own), a hanging file folder system works well.

how to store montessori nomenclature blackline masters - Montessori Print Shop

The point is, if you're going to have great nomenclature in your classroom you have to make sure the black-line masters are easily available to the children. Otherwise they don't feel the freedom to complete the work on their own.

Always feel like you're filling up the black-line master storage? Give the older children the responsibility to check the remaining stock and fill it as necessary.