Printable Montessori Materials for USA

Get started with Montessori education today! 

So you're interested in Montessori education but with such much information available online it can be overwhelming. So to make it a little easier we've come up with a short list of how to begin to learn more about Montessori education, to see if it's a good fit for your family or students. Get started with Montessori education today!

1. Browse through our website (use the links at the top of the navigation bar) to see if the ideas of Montessori blend with your ideas on parenting or teaching and how you envision your relationship with your child or students.

2. Visit your local library and take some time to read through (or skim through) some of the books on our Book List. A fantastic one to start off with is: How To Raise An Amazing Child The Montessori Way  by Tim Seldin.

3. Download all our free Montessori materials - there are over 30 printables to get you started. Be sure to sign up for our Monthly Newsletter and you'll receive notice of new free materials, sales, and discount coupons.

4. Once you've started with the above suggestions you'll have a much better idea if you and your child are comfortable and enjoying the beginning of your Montessori experience. If your child is very young (Toddler age) they really just need all the Practical Life and early Sensorial experiences possible. Most activities can happen naturally in your home without any additional expense. Remember that this is a time of exploration for you both.

5. If you then decide you'd like to take a more thorough approach and use Montessori for all areas of learning, then we recommend our Primary Montessori Teaching Manuals. They offer specific Montessori theory on the materials and will guide you step-by-step through the lessons that are taught in traditional Montessori schools.

6. If you've already started the journey and you need help preparing your new printed materials check out our "How To..." button at the top of the page in the navigation bar. There are a lot of step-by-step tutorials on how to prepare our materials so that they look beautiful and are durable.

We hope this information helps you get started. Best of luck to you and your child on your Montessori journey!

Printable Montessori Materials for Canada