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montessori geography pin flags - Montessori Print Shop
montessori geography pin flags - Montessori Print Shop

9. A piece of foam board (or styrofoam) is an excellent way to store your flags upright.

5. Lay the toothpick (2½") or T-pin (at least a 2" pin) along the crease line.

  • make sure there is enough glue on the crease line to hold the toothpick/pin in place

6. Fold the flag in half along the toothpick/pin.

  • pinch the paper around the toothpick/pin and press the front and back of the flag together so that they adhere to each other

Happy pinning!

8. Using scissors, trim the excess tape off.

10. Attach your printed map to a cork board or sheet of styrofoam (push pins in each corner work well).

traditional montessori map colors
montessori geography pin flags

3. Fold each flag in half, then open and place the blank side facing up on the table.

montessori geography pin flags - Montessori Print Shop

2.Cut out each flag (just follow the printed lines).

Printable Geography Pin Maps and Pin Flags

With our quick printable Geography files combined with a few supplies, your children can have a fantastic set of printable geography pin maps and flags.

Supplies Required:

  • printed map
  • pin flags
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • toothpicks (heavy duty) or T-Pins
  • clear contact paper or clear packing tape
  • a piece of cork board slightly larger than 8½ x 11" (to be placed under the map to hold the flags in place)

Important Note regarding color-coding: It's very important to consider the color-coding of your map work before you start purchasing/preparing your materials. The color-coding refers to a color-code on the back of the pin flags - this helps to keep the flags for each continent separate. Traditional Montessori colors for maps are as follows:


This color-coding system works well in that it helps the children (and the teachers) keep all the materials for each continent organized. However, if you do not follow the traditional Montessori map colors, then consider making your own color-coding system. The number of photo cards, flags, and labels for each continent really add up ... and it's extremely time-consuming to have to sort and resort hundreds of flags/cards.

If you're using files from the Geography section of our store, please note that all our materials come with the traditional color-coding and without any color-coding.

With color-coding, the back of the flags have a color strip as well as the name of the country.

Let's get started!

1. Print out your pin map flags. If you're using the pin map flag files from our store, please note that there are two sets of flags in each file. One set has the names on the backs of the flags (the control set), and 1 set is without the names on the backs of the flags - you can choose the set you feel is appropriate for your children.

4. Apply glue (use a glue stick, not white glue) to the crease line and one half of the flag.

printable Montessori geography pin map and flags

7. Using clear contact paper or clear packing tape you can laminate/protect the flags.

  • lay the flag on the tape and press it down so that it adheres to the tape
  • flip the flag over and press the other side of the flag down so that it too adheres to the tape
montessori geography pin flags - Montessori Print Shop
printable Montessori pin map and flags
montessori geography pin flags - Montessori Print Shop