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Printable Montessori Moveable Alphabet

One of the tutorials included in the "How To..." section on our website is how to make a printable moveable alphabet. The printable Montessori Moveable Alphabet is a wonderful language material that gives a child the ability to express what is in his mind, without the need for skillful manipulation of a pencil.

The ability to manipulate the letters and create the words a child is thinking of, removes a lot of the frustration that children experience if they have difficulty putting a pencil to paper. Review the tutorial, and make yourself a printable Moveable Alphabet - your child will love it!

Extension Lessons for the Montessori Moveable Alphabet

Also available in our Moveable Alphabet section: printable Moveable Alphabet picture cards. These picture cards are an extension lesson that can be used as visual prompts to help children work independently with the Moveable Alphabet. The picture cards are grouped by skill level, so that the children work successfully within their current skill level. These picture cards can be used to create words with either our printable Moveable Alphabet, or the large wooden Moveable Alphabet.

Our picture cards come in two sizes, with or without color-coding. The color-coded set follows our Pink Blue Green Language Series and the set without color-coding follows our Step 1, 2, 3 Language Series (you can read more about this language system in our Language FAQ's).

Sound Cards for the Printable Moveable Alphabet

Sound cards are another extension for the moveable alphabet. They allow the child additional time to explore sounds and complete words that are missing either the initial sounds, vowel sounds, or ending sounds. We have sound cards for the large wooden Moveable Alphabet and also for our Printable Moveable Alphabet - since we know there are so many of you who have made your own set.

Available in 3 color combinations (red/blue, pink/blue, blue/red) and for initial, vowel or final sounds in our Moveable Alphabet section.