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2. Cut the construction paper and blank paper/black-line images to the correct size:

  • construction paper should cut be slightly longer in height and at least twice the width of the cut paper/black-line images
  • fold the cut construction paper in half and insert the cut paper/black-line images
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Montessori Nomenclature Booklet - Montessori Print Shop
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How To Make A Montessori Nomenclature Booklet

Nomenclature is such fun work - loved by most children. To extend the life of this work you can show your students how to make a Montessori Nomenclature Booklet. Children enjoy making booklets that contain the images and information they have learned using the Montessori materials in their classroom. While some children enjoy drawing all of the images themselves, others wish to color in black-line images using a variety of mediums. Once complete, they can label the completed work, and then decorate the cover of the booklet. What a lovely piece of work to take home!

1. Gather the required materials:

  • yarn
  • scissors
  • an "S" hook
  • single hole punch
  • construction paper
  • blank paper or black-line images

3.Using the single hole punch, punch 2 holes near the spine of the booklet.

  • do not punch them too close to the spine or they may tear when the booklet is opened

4. Using your yarn and the 'S' hook, make your cord, insert through the holes, and tie.

  • carefully open the front cover and make a crease to create the 'spine' of the booklet