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8. Slide in each booklet page one at a time to punch the binding holes. Always try a sample page first so that you can make any adjustments necessary. Be sure to feed the pages in on the correct edge (the binding edge).

10. Place the binding comb on to the binding machine. Stretch the comb open by pulling the handle down.

11. Place the booklet pages on to the open teeth of the comb.

1. If you purchase a digital file from our store then you will print your booklet pages on to regular paper.

2. Cut out each page. Using glue sticks (do not use liquid white glue), glue each individual page on to card stock. Be sure to flip the cardstock over to glue the next page on to the back. Remember, you need to glue the pages in booklet order!

3. When you are gluing, be sure to leave a little extra room on the binding edge of the cards.

Montessori Book binder - Montessori Print Shop

4. Place the cut and glued pages in to the laminating pouch. Be sure to leave space between the pages in order to seal each edge of the booklet pages.

12. Close the comb teeth (by releasing the handle) and remove the booklet from the machine.

13. Trim off the extra bit of comb and you have a durable book!

If all that is too much preparation (or if you don't have a book binder) you can simply use duo-tangs to bind your pages together in book format.

Binding the Montessori Bean Seed Nomenclature Book - Montessori Print Shop

9. Put all of the punched pages together in order, and line up the binding holes.

How to laminate Montessori Nomenclature Books and Cards - Montessori Print Shop
Learn how to prepare and use duo-tangs/report covers for Montessori Nomenclature - Montessori Print Shop
How to laminate Montessori Nomenclature - Montessori Print Shop
Montessori Nomenclature

6. Trim each page - leaving a laminate edge around each page (otherwise the laminate can split open and peel off the page).

7. Haul out your book binding machine. Ours is manual.

Binding Montessori Nomenclature Book - Montessori Print Shop
Montessori Nomenclature Booklet - Montessori Print Shop
Montessori Nomenclature Booklet - Montessori Print Shop

Learn how to prepare and use duo-tangs/report covers here.

5. Feed the pouches through the laminator. Some laminators require a paper carrier to cover the laminating pouch - follow the directions for your specific laminator.

You'll require the following materials:

  • regular paper for your printer
  • cardstock or acid-free fade-free paper (the color you want your booklet pages to be)
  • glue stick
  • scissors or paper trimmer (we recommend a paper trimmer)
  • laminating pouches (3mil is fine, 5mil makes the booklet super strong)
  • book binding machine (a manual one is sufficient, $60-$150)
  • plastic binding combs (size depends on how many pages you're binding together)

How To Bind A Montessori Booklet

Using combs for Montessori Nomenclature Books - Montessori Print Shop

There are so many Montessori language and Nomenclature materials that are put together in a 'booklet' format. It's not a problem if you're purchasing the expensive manufactured booklets, however when you're making affordable materials on your own, it can seem overwhelming. So we've created a tutorial on how to bind a Montessori Nomenclature Booklet.

With a little practice, you too can make long-lasting, functional booklets for your classroom or home environment. Read through our step-by-step 'how to' on binding a booklet.

It's worth the effort to have beautiful booklets like this: