Montessori Elementary Grammar Boxes

Our Montessori Elementary Grammar Boxes are going to save you a lot of money. If you were planning to buy a ready-made set you were probably disheartened to find out they cost upwards to $500US. And if you were thinking of making your own set you probably changed your mind when you realized just how time consuming it would be.

We're here to save you both time and money! We've created all 8 Grammar Boxes in both the Traditional Elementary Colors and the Primary Colors.

Traditional Elementary Grammar Colors

Primary Grammar Colors

Why the two color options?  There seems to be two opinions on what the colors should be in Elementary. In primary (3-6 years) the colors used for the words match the colors of the grammar symbols. Some people feel the colors should be extended into the Elementary years (6-9 years) since such impressions were made in previous years through Primary. Others believe that the Elementary colors require the children to focus more deeply on the actual words, names of the parts of speech and their function, rather then the previous visual impressions from the primary years. It's a personal preference - so we've made the materials available in both color options. Think it though carefully before purchasing.

Individual Grammar Boxes or Bundle?

All of the Elementary Grammar Boxes are available individually or you can purchase all 8 boxes together in a Bundle and save 20%. The printables for each box include brief instructions on the contents of each file, how to prepare the cards, and the basic instructions on how to present them. The instructions do not include step-by-step presentations or the Key Experiences.

What do you get for each grammar box

You can read through the contents of each box in the listings, but the general idea is that each file contains the printable cards required to fill the wooden grammar boxes, filling boxes, and command boxes. This includes: a Definition Card, Sentence Cards, Color Word Cards (to recreate the sentences from the Sentence Cards), Command Cards, and Color Word Cards to accompany the command cards. This purchase does not include the actual wooden boxes - you are purchasing a digital file that you print yourself. The file includes the printable cards for the wooden grammar boxes/filling boxes/command boxes. You can choose not to use the wooden boxes and make your own storage system if you'd prefer (you'll save a lot of money as the wooden boxes are very expensive $200 to $300).

Sample of Grammar Box 6

1. Read the definition card.

2. Choose 1 Sentence Card from the pile. Read the first sentence and recreate it using the Color Word Cards.

3. The second sentence is read and then created by removing the adverb in the first sentence and substituting it for the adverb in the second sentence.

4. At any point the teacher may stop the lesson and address important grammatical points or show how transposing or placing the words in a different order changes the meaning of the sentence.

5. The sentence can then be symbolized using the Grammar Symbols.

6. The sentences and symbols can be copied on to paper by the children.

7. The children can read through the Command Cards and follow the commands. This will help to bring their newly acquired knowledge to life.

Take a look through the Elementary Grammar materials today!