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Free School Forms

If you have been involved in the opening (or Administration) of a preschool (Montessori or otherwise), you're familiar with the vast amount of forms, logs, and records needed in order to fulfill and maintain your requirements for licensing.

Free school forms for a Preschool (Montessori, or other)

Every region has it's own requirements for licensing a preschool (including Health & Fire), so be sure to investigate this thoroughly before deciding to open a preschool. If the required forms, logs, and records are not made available to those who issue your license (or not completed correctly), you may be found non-compliant and have your license suspended, or revoked.

For those of you in Ontario Canada, you can download the Child Care Licensing in Ontario: Orientation Package for Prospective Operators (written by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services). This will give you a much clearer view of the process of starting a Montessori school in Ontario.

In order to assist those who are opening a preschool, we've uploaded some forms that may be required in your region. You'll need to edit the forms to meet your requirements.
All downloads are in Microsoft Excel or Word
('97-2003) and can be edited to suit your needs. As well, you can add your school name, address and logo to personalize these forms.

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