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Montessori Practical Life Lessons

Practical Life Activities are the Foundation of Montessori

If you're familiar with Montessori then you understand the theory behind the Practical Life lessons. We wrote about the theory and all the wonderful things that Practical Life lessons lead to in this article, and how Practical Life is the foundation of Montessori.

If you've used Montessori in your home or school, you'll understand the need to switch out and add in Practical Life lessons. Sometimes it's the season that calls for it, other times it is the children and their interests that call for a new activity.

Making Practical Life lessons

The Practical Life activities on your shelf are only limited by your own imagination. You can make a Practical Life lessons out of any regular 'life' activity. As long as it has materials that a child can safely manage, a logical step-by-step flow, and the interest of a child ... you're good to go!

If you're using the Montessori method at home with your children, be sure to read through our article Use Montessori at Home. And we strongly recommend the eBook Montessori at Home!

Ideas for Practical Life lessons

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Montessori Practical Life - Melon Balling
Watermelon Balls

Montessori Practical Life Lesson - Banana Slicing
Banana Slicing
Montessori Practical Life - Flour Sifting
  Montessori Practical Life - Washing Clothes

Montessori Practical Life - Ice Cream Scooping

Ice Cream Scoops
 Montessori Practical Life - Pitting Cherries

  Montessori Practical Life - Playdough Garden

Hand Washing

Scrubbing potatoes