Printable Montessori materials for Montessori learning at home and school. 
Printable Montessori Materials

Montessori Sensorial Cards

Printable Montessori Sensorial Materials

The Montessori sensorial materials bring about points of awareness of certain characteristics (color, sound, taste, etc) that then allow the child to perceive with greater exactitude a new vision. The sensorial materials help the children to classify sensorial impressions, qualities of impressions and various combinations of sensory perceptions. The child discovers how to classify; identify, match, and sort while working with the materials involving size, sound, weight, height, etc. 

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  • Binomial & Trinomial Control Charts
  • Botany Cabinet Cards
  • Botany Cabinet Control Charts
  • Botany Cabinet Shapes 3-Part Cards
  • Broad/Brown Stair Cards Centered
  • Broad/Brown Stair Cards Cornered
  • Color Books (11 books)
  • Color Cards
  • Color Grading Cards
  • Color Matching Cards
  • Color Sorting Cards
  • Constructive Triangles
      • Blue Design Box
      • Large Hexagonal Box
      • Rectangular Box A
      • Rectangular Box B
      • Small Hexagonal Box
      • Triangular Box
  • Cylinder Blocks Sequence Cards
  • Decanomial Square
  • Detective Adjective Command Cards
  • Detective Adjective Game (in color)
  • Detective Adjective Game (outlines)
  • Geometric Matching Cards
  • Geometric Shape Sorting
  • Geometric Shapes 3-Part Cards
  • Geometric Shapes: Command Cards
  • Geometric Shapes Worksheets
  • Geometric Solid Sorting
  • Geometric Solids: Command Cards
  • Geometric Solid Worksheets
  • Geometric Solids 3-Part Cards Blue
  • Geometric Solids 3-Part Cards Brown
  • Geometry Cabinet Cards
  • Geometry Cabinet Control Booklet
  • Geometry Cabinet Shapes 3-Part Cards
  • Geometry Cabinet Worksheets
  • Knobless Cylinder Pattern Cards Set 1
  • Knobless Cylinder Pattern Cards Set 2
  • Knobless Cylinder Sequence Cards
  • Metal Inset Lessons
  • Metal Inset - Shape Outlines
  • Number Rods - Pattern Cards
  • Pink Tower & Broad Stair Pattern Cards Set 1
  • Pink Tower & Broad Stair Pattern Cards Set 2
  • Pink Tower & Broad Stair Pattern Cards Set 3
  • Pink Tower Cards - Centered
  • Pink Tower Cards - Cornered
  • Red Rods - Pattern Cards
  • Red Rods & Number Rods - Pattern Cards
  • Sensorial Activities Work Cards
  • Sensorial Material Labels
  • Sensorial Readers
  • Superimposed Geometric Figures
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