Printable Montessori materials for Montessori learning at home and school. 
Printable Montessori Materials

Montessori Materials for Geography

Printable Montessori Geography Materials

Children love learning about life on each of the Continents. Our photographic geography materials will  engage and inspire your children to further explore the life and culture of people and countries all over the world.
We carry a large selection of Montessori Geography materials throughout our Store that will broaden and enrich the lives of all children. 

Click the links below to be directed to the list of materials available in each section of our store.

  The World        Africa        Antarctica         Asia         Australasia       Europe

  North America      Canada        USA       South America      Land and Water Forms

The World 
  • Animals of the Continents
  • Compass Rose
  • Continents by Hemispheres
  • Continents 3-Part Cards
  • Continent Matching Cards
  • Geography Passport
  • Globe, Continent and Ocean Labels
  • Homes Around the World
  • Map Symbols & Beginner Map
  • Natural Disasters Cards
  • Natural Disaster Book
  • Tropical Rainforests
  • Types of Shorelines
  • World - Control Maps
  • World Flash Cards


  • Africa Control Maps
  • African Pin Map Flags
  • Africa Geography Folder
  • African Animals 
  • African Flags
  • African Flags: Outlines 
  • African Foods 
  • African Landmarks
  • African Musical Instruments 

  • Antarctica Geography Folder
  • Antarctic Animals

  • Asia Control Maps
  • Asian Pin Map Flags
  • Asia Geography Folder 
  • Asian Animals
  • Asian Culture 
  • Asian Flags
  • Asian Flags: Outlines
  • Asian Foods 
  • Asian Landmarks
  • Asian Musical Instruments
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Australasia (Australia/Oceania) 
    • Australia Control Maps
    • Australia Pin Map Flags
    • Australia State & Territory Flags
    • Australia State & Territory Flags: Outlines
    • Australasia/Oceania Control Maps
    • Australasia/Oceania Flags
    • Australasia/Oceania Flags: Outlines
    • Australasia Geography Folder
    • Australasia Animals 
    • Australasia Flags 
    • Australasia Foods 
    • Australasia Landmarks
    • Australasia Musical Instruments
    • Australia Fun Fact Cards

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    • Europe Control Maps
    • European Pin Map Flags
    • Europe Geography Folder
    • European Animals
    • European Flags
    • European Flags: Outlines
    • European Foods
    • European Landmarks
    • European Musical Instruments

    North America 
    • North America Control Maps
    • North American Pin Map Flags
    • North America Geography Folder
    • North America Flash Cards
    • North American Animals
    • North American Flags
    • North American Flags: Outlines
    • North American Food
    • North American Landmarks

    • Canada - Control Maps
    • Canadian Provincial Maps
    • Canadian Provincial Pin Map Flags
    • Canadian Capital City Pin Maps
    • Canadian Capital City Pin Map Flags
    • Canada Flash Cards
    • Canada 3-Part Cards
    • Canadian Capital Cities 3-Part Cards
    • Canadian Currency
    • Canadian Flags and Information
    • Canadian Flags
    • Canadian Flags: Outlines
    • Canadian Provincial Birds
    • Canadian Provincial Flowers
    • Canadian Provincial Trees
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    • United States Control Maps
    • US Currency
    • US State Pin Maps
    • US State Pin Map Flags
    • US Capital City Pin Maps
    • US Capital City Pin Map Flags
    • United States Flash Cards
    • United States 3-Part Cards
    • US Capital Cities 3-Part Cards
    • United States of America Flags
    • United States of America Flags: Outlines

    South America 
    • South America Control Maps
    • South American Pin Map Flags
    • South America Geography Folder
    • South America Flash Cards
    • South American Animals
    • South American Flags
    • South American Flags: Outlines
    • South American Foods
    • South American Landmarks
    • South American Musical Instruments

    Land & Water Forms 
    • Aquatic and Land Feature Cards - Set 1
    • Aquatic and Land Feature Book - Set 1
    • Aquatic and Land Feature Cards - Set 2
    • Aquatic and Land Feature Book - Set 2
    • Aquatic and Land Feature Cards - Set 3
    • Aquatic and Land Feature Book - Set 3
    • Land and Water Form Masters
    • Oceanic Landforms - Book
    • Oceanic Landforms - Cards
    • Simple Land and Water Form Cards (b/b)
    • Simple Land and Water Form Book (b/b)
    • Simple Land and Water Form Cards (b/g)
    • Simple Land and Water Form Book (b/g)
    • Simple Land and Water Form Photo Cards
    • Simple Land and Water Form Photo Book
    • Types of Mountains
    • Types of Shorelines
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